Backstage of Covet Chic

Ismahane and Wadia are sisters, both covet what glitters and is unique.


Ismahane, since childhood, is the glamorous and primed girl. The originality and rarity are the leitmotif of her style of dress/ of her wardrobe/ of her sartorial flair. She has a passion for accessories and sees them as a way to be every day a new woman, to express an emotion, to tell a story.


Wadia likes the story and the soul behind every object and picture.

The fashion accessory must, for her, come to life through the designer who created it and must send to who wears it its entire splendor.

These two visions have combined/ have joined forces/ have partnered to create Covet Chic, an online store specialized in high-end fashion accessories. This site is an open platform to increase the visibility of the new generation of talented international designers.

Covet Chic designers have all been selected for their personality, the originality of their creations, their know-how, the fine materials used and their work ethics. They are the forefront/ vanguard of fashion and Covet Chic wants to offer a window for them to express their creativity to a greater crowd.

Covet Chic wants you to discover and love these artists, their exciting
and rich imaginary, the way they handle trends, and the extreme care
with which they make their collections.