Michelle Monroe
Michelle Monroe was born in San Diego, California.
She and her husband worked to build a construction company that eventually grew into a multi-million dollar corporation. After 16 years she decided to leave the construction business and pursue her dream of becoming a designer.
She was so inspired and confident in her designs that she decided to finally build her own company.
She is now focusing on handbags as well as continuing her jewelry designs.
Michelle Monroe creations are known for being innovative, alluring, glamorous, edgy and stunning. Monroe combines opposing elements, minimalism and elaborateness to create a piece that evokes individuality and strength.
The Fashion Industry has recognized Michelle Monroe by awards and accomplishments.
Overall, Michelle's love for people drives her to create a product that her customer would love and she would like to see people wearing her pieces because not only is it unique and timeless, but each women would be able to feel good about herself.

Creations Michelle Monroe