Wilbur & Gussie
It's not such an unusual story, Brett and Lucy met at school when they were 14 years old, and never lost touch. In the Spring of 2005, they decided they were ready to start new chapters in their professional lives. Brett had been working in film and designing jewellery in her spare time; Lucy was a fashion buyer. Both of them felt the need to do something adventurous and creative. They realised there was a gap in the market for elegant clutches and decided to try and fill it. Their goals were to produce high-quality, statement bags that wouldn’t break the bank. Wilbur & Gussie was born.

Their defining features are eye-catching prints and vibrant colour, elegant jewelled brooch fastenings and bold hardware. “We try to buy limited edition fabrics and one-off brooches, thus making the bags unique and collectable”. Everything is made in Spain.

Creations Wilbur & Gussie