Katerina Psoma
Originally from the heart of Athens, Katerina Psoma was surrounded by a strong sense of culture and style. Katerina developed her love of vintage materials whilst she studied History of Art at Rome and London. During her doctoral studies, she travelled around the world to broaden her artistic horizons. These trips inspired her to forage for jewellery, unique trinkets and charms in an array of flea markets.
In 2001 her designs caught the eyes of the Athenian fashion crowd. Since this time appreciation for her work’s true individuality has flourished. The rest, as they say, is history.
Her creations have featured in some of the leading international fashion publications, including Vogue, Elle, L’ Officiel and InStyle.
Each piece is unique, handmade and numbered. Coupling vintage charms, semi precious stones, wooden and odd murano beads, she has never strayed from creativity. Inspiration for the themes and stories prevalent in these collections come from a multitude of references such as art, current and native world cultures. Katerina’s lively and vivacious character is reflected through these eclectic, innovative pieces that highlight the value of ingenuity in design.

Creations Katerina Psoma