Dauphines of New York
Dauphines of New York debuted his first collection of luxurious and glamourous Headbands in September 2010. Dauphines of New York is designed in downtown New York by Summer Rej. A native New Yorker, Summer began her career with roles at Vogue Magazine. Following, she founded Dauphines of New York which is unrivaled by their signature adjustable elastic band, which allows individual sizing and tailored comfort of fit.
Dauphines of New York has been featured in print in VOGUE, ELLE , GLAMOUR,… . Many styles were featured on the final season of Gossip Girl (worn by Leighton Meester in character of Blair Waldorf).
Design is intended to offer dual purpose: the adjustable band allows each piece to be worn as a headband or necklace. . Materials utilized are the finest in quality. Weightless metal chains in gold, silver and bronze tones offer comfortable edge while maintaining elegant design.
The Dauphines of New York collection is inspired by glamorous style icons who exude a sense of personal style inspirational to others: those unafraid to embrace the luxe and elegant, while simultaneously remaining effortless and carefree. Style inspiration mixes Boho-luxe, Rock and Classic point of view. Modern, trendsetting women of today, the style icons of tomorrow, are the ones who wear the Dauphines collection.

Creations Dauphines of New York