Courtney Lee Jewelry
Courtney Lee Collection is the designer personified. Courtney infuses her essence into
the matriculation of each season to reveal a collection that is born in Miami, resides in New
York, has lived in London, Barcelona and loves to travel exotic corners of the earth,
like her. The collections take on the Technicolor of Miami, the edge of the streets of New York, and they are always sprinkled with the sweet flavor of a new adventure.
A jewellery house that specializes in luxurious statement pieces, Courtney Lee Collection
cleverly combines current trends with classic sartorial influences. Founded by designer Courtney Udelson in 2009, the Courtney Lee Collection brand evolves seasonally whilst still remaining recognizable and true to the designer’s signature romantic, old-school glamour aesthetic.
As a child, Courtney always had a passion for art; she discovered that art in all of its forms delighted her. She entered art shows and won awards. She utilizes her extensive prowess in the field to marry heirlooms of yesteryear with bold contemporary vision to offer fresh, cutting edge designs and superior standards of collectables for today and tomorrow.

Creations Courtney Lee Jewelry