Choo Yilin
Choo Yilin Artisan Jewellery is a multiple international award-winning jewellery brand that seeks to fuse sustainability and luxury.
Work first started with the Karen hilltribe artisans in northern Thailand, drawing awareness and bringing support to a centuries-old culture which might otherwise be in danger of dying out. In this way, the label sheds light on the effects modernity has on indigenous cultures.
Yilin's initial inspirations were formed from her extensive traveling in Europe and Asia as well as the organic complexities of life. Starting over in a new place in Bangkok, Thailand in 2007, she immersed herself in working on developmental aid projects with traditionally marginalized groups. Through this work, she was introduced to the Karen hilltribe artisans and was deeply inspired by their rich cultural heritage of silversmithing. She launched the label's first ready-to-wear collection with them. Since then, she's expanded the label's sustainable outreach to collaborations with non-profit groups to use their conservation campaigns as inspirations for the label's ready-to-wear series