Libertie is my religion
True to its Native American inspirations, the designer strives to respect the original spirit of the artisans living in harmony with nature.
It injects here a beautiful array of colorful patterns made from real cut or raw-stones.
This is an invitation to travel in the American Southwest.
Libertie Is My Religion proves once again that the head jewel lasts forever after five seasons, and places it in the spotlight in a complete collection of sumptuous pieces to rare skills !

LIBERTIE IS MY RELIGION Libertie also comes in a line "Married" more sophisticated that reinvents the classic tiara, earrings and bracelets of precious or pearl necklace for you night owls chic romantic or married, who love fashion styles and dare to mix freely.
This collection plays with the codes of the Roaring Twenties and is inspired by Art Deco geometry.

Creations Libertie is my religion