Maria Francesca Pepe
"Jewellery-Wear" is a new concept for Fashion Jewellery.
The boundaries between clothing and accessories become blurred whilst retaining a contemporary functionality.
Bold and classic at the same time Maria Francesca Pepe's creations mix the past and the future with impeccable taste, representing the tradition of art craft with a postmodern approach far from the obvious. Overseen by Maria personally, the collection is entirely realized by Italian artisans, but the inspiration is pure London avant-garde.
The Italian Designer Maria Francesca Pepe created MFP in 2008, it allowed her worldwide recognition as one of the most original and interesting talents in accessories and women swear.
Eventual awards and support include: British Fashion Awards, Fashion East, New Gen, and Vogue Talents.
In the past two seasons MFP has achieved prestigious international press. Traditional jewellery and pop symbols are distorted and reinterpreted in their forms and meanings, to be conceived as amulets that convey inner strength and beauty. The quality is the key of MFP's success. Every piece is hand selected and finished to the highest standard.

Creations Maria Francesca Pepe