La lueur de l'aube
“LA LUEUR DE L’AUBE” means dim light at the dawn. It is the gentle and delicate light full of hope. The light gives people power and strength.

“La LUEUR DE L’AUBE” is a name for poetic and warm jewellery. Nature such as flowers swinging in the wind, stone keeping its beauty inside, and water drops playing to the rhythm inspires Makiko to design her jewellery.

The creator has high level of refined technique, harmonizing delicacy and roughness. The artwork represents Japanese sense of beauty further refined in Paris.

The handmade jewellery she designs is natural and authentic, not influenced by fad. She wishes her jewellery be filled with aura to make persons wearing them more attractive.

She sincerely hopes that her jewellery will make people feel warm in their hearts.

Creations La lueur de l'aube